Choosing life with joy


March 26, 2014

Dear Tami,

Re: Workshops for empowerment of the feminine management style

I wish to wholeheartedly thank you for the workshops you had given in our offices on the dates 19.03.14 and 24.03.14 concerning the empowerment of the feminine management style.

The participants were female managers of various ranks.

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It really is impossible to describe in words what theta-healing is, but a session at Tammy's clinic is a massage for the soul.

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Dear Tammy,

I have heard a great deal about theta-healing, and my gut feeling had told me that I ought to give it chance.

At the same time, when I had first arrived at your clinic, I did not have a great deal of expectations, as I had already undergone many different types of therapies and workshops, and so, my criticism threshold was very high.

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I had had no idea what the treatment through theta-healing was. I was even a bit scared, but I had decided to let go and to dedicate myself to something new.

I arrived at Tammy's clinic. A room with a separate, green and blooming entrance, pleasant and cosy, but with touches of color and esthetics. I sat down on the couch facing Tammy and had just let myself be there. Me, as I am, full of hardships, deeply hidden issues, questions, and obstacles in life, had just brought it all up, simultaneously, in no particular order.

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The treatment at Tammy's is accompanied by a feeling of containment.

Tammy is attentive and permitting. Step-by-step, she does not let go until we reach the heart of the problem, which enables causing a change in the affixed, withholding pattern.

The understanding and awareness of Tammy had allowed me to move forward. In her loving, caring manner, Tammy leads the possibility for a major change, if one is ready for this change.

For me, the therapy was an enriching, empowering, and significant experience.

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I am the type of person who tends to approach therapies such as theta-healing with a bit of skepticism.

I had come to Tammy for treatment mostly out of curiosity, rather than due to a true belief that she will be able to assist me.

I do not even remember the exact problem for which I had come. I only remembered that the treatment "had done it".

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