Choosing life with joy

Support groups

From the moment we are born, we belong to various groups – our family, groups of friends, workgroups, and more. At times of crisis and difficulty, the group can be a place to receive support, listening, acceptance, and mostly help and assistance.

In the course of my life, I have learned various methods and techniques which are used in facilitating groups. I use various techniques, in order to allow each group member to use the technique which is most suitable for him or her and to leverage it. I believe that the variety of tools in the group allows us to experience a wide range of feelings which empower the experience and deepen the work.

Most of all, I believe that learning comes through experience, and personally, I study and develop through humor and pleasure.

"Nothing is more freeing than happiness – it frees your brain and induces calmness on it" (Rabbi Nachman from Braslav)