Choosing life with joy

Personal Coaching

In the course of our lives, we encounter, on occasion, situations of being stuck, in which we feel a desire to change, but are unable to locate the powers or the way to do it. Sometimes this occurs due to a difficulty or a crisis that we have experienced, and sometimes merely due to a exhaustion and fatigue. This is the time to turn to a professional, who will help us during the process, dimish our anxieties, show us the light of hope, and provide us with tools and insights which will ease our way into making the change.

The personal coaching is varied and flexible, and is individually fit for each person. The process includes: Diagnose and assessment, theta-healing, and usage of various coaching methods. Sometimes, one session is enough in order to create change and growth, and sometimes several sessions are necessary, but the process is short and focused, and is simple and easy.