Choosing life with joy


Our body is one of the most significant and most powerful tools that we have. Often times, our body "speaks", before we even know what it is that we think or feel. For many years, I did not pay attention to my body. I had suffered from various aches and pains, but I ignored them and moved on.

In the past couple of years, mainly through the various types of alternative medicine, I had gotten better acquainted with my body. I had begun treating it, and today, I am more attentive to it. This does not mean that I do all that it tells me to… but I do try.

Our body must move in order to evolve and develop. The physical movement allows us physical and mental development. From the moment of our birth, we operate our bodies, and in doing so, we grow and develop.

Unfortunately, in our adulthood, our physical activity decreases, and we find all of the reasons in the world to make as many excuses as possible for our lack of movement (yes, I am also able to write a book of excuses why I am unable to do walks right now…). In group work, the movement allows us to connect a nonverbal relation, revealing to us an entire world of communications and relations with ourselves and others.

"Your perception becomes lighter when you are able to be attentive to yourself" (Carl Jung)