Choosing life with joy


My name is Tami Ginsburg. I am married and a mother of three children. I live in Zichron Yaakov, ISRAEL.

I help people transform challenge and difficulty into growth and choose a life of joy!

I began my career as a manager in different companies; my latest role was VP service and support at an ISP company. After ten years as a manager, I decided to quit and become a freelance consultant. MA degrees in business, organizational consultant and group facilitation through art. This, combined with my practical experience, enable me to empower organizations and individuals.

One area of expertise is crisis and loss, and I developed a unique model that assists people and teams in transforming challenges into resilience and growth processes.I have wide experience in facilitating workshops and working with groups, teams and organizations. My personal experience in theta-healing and the benefits which I had derived from this technique in my personal life, had led me to study and become a certified theta-healing therapist.

The journey which I had undergone in my life had shown me I had received a gift: I use my personal and professional experience, and my strenghts, in order to assist others in discovering the fulfillment and joy in their lives.

I have put together all of the tools and insights that I have acquired along the way, combined it with the knowledge which is concealed within me, and had established "TAMID BALEV" ("Always in the Heart"). I host workshops for managers and organizations, and accompany, one-on-one and in groups, people whom are interested in change and growth in their lives.

I will gladly meet you – those who are interested in searching and finding the proper way for them to deal with hardships, in order to reconnect with the natural joy of life, and the spontaneous ability to become present – with all of the involvement and attention – in each and every moment of our lives