Choosing life with joy

Art therapy

When I was growing up, I was made to believe that I had no creative aptitude (this probably has to do with the messages that were conveyed to me by my first grade teacher…) and thus, I was reluctant to deal with plastic arts of any sort. I thoroughly remember the wonderful feeling that had filled me at age 30, when I had had my first experience in pottery class. The works with clay, the formation of the material, and the work with it, were, for me, a correctional experience and a wonderful form of inner work. These studies had exposed me to more amazing experiences, and dreams. Today, I draw every chance I get, and enjoy the doing itself, the color, and the experience, and I find that I am less concerned with the final product.

The use of art as a therapeutic tool is very common, due to the fact that art is a powerful tool, which serves as a mirror to all that is within us, whether it is conscience or subconscience. The creation itself, and afterwards, the observation of it, allow us to achieve in-depth, creation-initiating change.
The usage of art within a group allows us an extra learning, as there are two circles which "discuss", or rather, to be more exact, two halls of mirrors: The circle of people and the circle of creations. The work in groups within each circle, and between the two circles, opens the way to a fascinating journey within each one of us.

"If you hear a voice within you that says 'you cannot draw', just begin drawing, and that voice will quiet itself down" (Vincent van Gogh)